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Re: new kicadocaml release, new zone fill alg, if


Tim Hanson wrote:
Hey Dick,

Yea, true, I've not implemented zone edge modification. I'll get
around to it sometime, but in the meantime you can edit the zones in
PCBNEW, and then fill (or re-fill) them in kicadocaml if PCBNEW
somehow does not do the right job. Moving the edges and changing the
triangulation in real-time is a bit too much; I think the delete zone
filling -> change zone -> refill workflow is plenty good.

That third argument you mentioned in the zone polygon definition is the end of polygon marker, correct? I see we have a shortcoming in the specctra export. I need to add a DSN "window" for the polygons which are holes. (PLANE .... (WINDOW....)) where the windows are part of a PLANE. But I see you are using the flag to mean an adjacent polygon, not a hole. And that the graphics stuff magically figures this out. Well I am not that smart.

I need to have Jean-Pierre or somebody tell me how to determine if a polygon within a zone container is a hole or a an adjacent polygon.
Speaking about the BRD file format now:
If it is our intention to support both, then I think that there should be a start of polygon marker, not an end of polygon marker, and that the marker should say whether it is a hole or an adjacent polygon. I think we may have botched the board file format for ZONE_CONTAINERS.

I have no easy way to export to DSN both of the polygon types, both yours Tim and the holes.

Jean-Pierre, do you fully understand the problem? Looking at the grammar for (PLANE) clarifies the problem somewhat.

The triangles themselves are not editable, though you can see them if
you turn off Z-buffering. (This because I think the triangle meshes
produced are pretty :-)

Yes, they are fascinating.

~ Tim

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