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Re: alternate via drill size


On Mon, 9 Feb 2009, jean-pierre.charras@... wrote:

But i need an user opinion:
Alternate via drill value does not work as default value does.
Alternate via drill value is a value that is set for one via, an differents vias can have different drill values.
So Alternate via drill value can be changed to have different drill values, and dialog box shows the last entered value.
(unlike the default value: it is not stored in vias, and if this value changes, all vias set with default value have their drill value changed as

So Alternate via drill  could be a bad name if an used can think it is a parameter that works like the default does.
(changing Alternate via drill changes also all drill values set to alt value.)

If it would work like current track width system, so that the last 'alternate drill size' is used onwards, it would be good. Then subsequent edits would work in goups according to 'default' and various 'alternate' sizes. Every differing 'alternate' would be their own group.

Is the name good ? or is a name like "Specific drill value" a better name ?

Alternate via drill is better IMHO, if it is used as exchange operator from 'default' or 'last used value'.