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Re: alternate via drill size


jean-pierre.charras@... wrote:
Dick Hollenbeck a écrit :

> This is a bug.

Alternate via drill value entered in dialog box is now saved in config and board. (note: your board is Ok. Alternate via drill value is stored in each via description having a non default drill value)
But i need an user opinion:
Alternate via drill value does not work as default value does.
Alternate via drill value is a value that is set for one via, an differents vias can have different drill values. So Alternate via drill value can be changed to have different drill values, and dialog box shows the last entered value. (unlike the default value: it is not stored in vias, and if this value changes, all vias set with default value have their drill value changed as well)

So Alternate via drill could be a bad name if an used can think it is a parameter that works like the default does. (changing Alternate via drill changes also all drill values set to alt value.)

Is the name good ? or is a name like "Specific drill value" a better name ?

Drill Override

Non-default Drill Size Override

Specific Drill Override

any of these might be fine. Since the theme is "drill override" this would mean changing the menus also away from "alternate....". I think the wording must be similar between the menus and the dialog field in order to make the connection. The menu can be quite explicit and a bit wordy/long, such as "Use current \"Specific Drill Override\" for this Via". Notice the use of the word current, suggesting that if it were changed, then the next one could be different.

The dialog tooltip and/or the help file should say that the specific drill override is saved in the via, rather than being a global, subsequently changeable value.