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Re: Library work


On Sun, 22 Feb 2009, Milan Horák wrote:

> Pin spacing seems to be violated at leas in Geda and Eagle schematic
> editors (libraries). Is there any that really enforce that part? To my
> taste it's not dense enough, even though it may be clear to read. Too
> little stuff to see at first glance.

I think one M will be enough.

Ok. So seem everyone else...

> There is nothing said about thicnesses?

Maybe it is in part one of IEC 617, which I don't have.

I'll dig around in university library some day. There sould be all of them. Chemistry is my major and that should explain a lot ;)

> > electrode connected to the envelope - in this case circle diameter is
> 4*M).
> Do you know if this applies only to metal can types or also to molded
> parts with heat sink tabs?

IMO it applies in both cases. I think that we should use circle in all

All old schematics use that style and I've gotten used to it, but I'm ready to adapt to non-circled version too. The legacy of transistors being the most valuable parts in a system may be the reason for emphasis rings too. You know, some (tens of) years ago they were priced at months salary or so...

I can send you one. Got it somewhere from the net, but poor quality.
25MB packed size.


Thank you for the offer. I think that's over the attachment limit, so that's not going to work to this address. I'll get you a note if nothing else works out.

Btw, do you have something to say about SVG? I'm thinking very basic support for converter supporting only basic shapes and rotation transformation. Basic shapes (9) and coordinate system (7) http://www.w3.org/TR/SVG11/

If there is ever going to be 'complete' IEC-617 symbol library we are going to need a good symbol primitive library and good manipulation toos. And thats where readily available SVG-tools will get handy. Good examples are switches and relays, which most have two primitives in various configurations and using library editor gets tedious soon. Higher level format would also be more future proof if new definitions are going to be added some day.


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