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Re: Library work


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Milan Horák <konference@...> wrote:
> Hallo,
> let's look on the specs, no offense:
I'm reposting my comments of a year ago (with an update at the end)

Well, maybe I'm a dreamer as well but it would be nice to have
a web site/service, funded & checked for accuracy by the parts
suppliers, where you pick a part by manufacturing Part#, with
pdf data sheet, place the symbol on the schematic, with a footprint
reference for layout and get BOM info for pricing, by distributor 
part # so parts can be procurred while the board is being laid out.

Ema-eda, Cadence, OrCad have started:
to keep you committed as a member of their tool set club.

Nasa has a database of parts but no symbols or footprints:
that Intusoft claims to cross reference using XML:

Frank Frank, Accelerated Designs has a reasonably priced tool:
with a neutral database, a library manager with revision control,
edit symbols/footprints then export to the PCB design package
of choice. This would be real handy for Consultants that have to
re-design boards across different EDA platforms, adding new parts,
referencing/designing/importing symbols, footprints as their primary
design function. Not sure if Frank Frank would share his database
design, but he mentions the IPC-7351 standard.

Update: There are footprints for National parts using Frank Frank's
Data Base, however they are in a binary format.

I mention this primarily as references for ideas. The world got
into this mess from the history that schematic and PCB layout
packages originated from separate proprietary (binary) sources.

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