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Re: Stable version ok Kicad: Major bug


Alain M. a écrit :

Hi I was very pleased to upgrade to new release. I use Mandriva 2007.1
so I had only to update cmake to make it compile.

but :( :(

there is a big problem: in LIBEDIT, I cannot create a rectangle only in
"element C" of a multi-element component, even with the Icon "Edit pin
element by element" is on. the rectangle is drawn on all elements, and
if I delete it from another element, it is deleted from all of them,

There is an old and similar problem: the Value cannot be moved only on
one element too.

I will have to go back to my previous version :(


There is no bug and old version do exactly the same thing.
You have just created a "common to units" rectangle.
If you want to have different graphic items for each element, they properties must have the "common to units" unchecked.
Obviously "Edit pin element by element" has no effect to graphics items.
This tool control the pin edition (when activated pins at the same location can be moved or deleted separately for each element)

Please, see Eeschema doc chap 11.5.1

Value and reference (like all others fields) can be moved on a element per element basis in schematic only.
In Libedit there are only an unique item.

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