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Re: IDL for DBUS


2009/3/30 Dick Hollenbeck <dick@...>
> Even though it never got much attraction, I do like this tool here,
> http://www.dwheeler.com/dbus/
> [...]
> I am thinking that reading XML files as a human is not fun.

Litte offtopic - XML is more readable than binary, and there are nice
tools helping with XML reading/edition. What is really nice in XML is
a Schema - if you have it.
> [...]
> This is something I am interested in. I also see it being dove-tailed
> into a task involving a new file format and data tree for PCBNEW.

Having external interface to interact with KiCad from other tools
could be nice feature. It may allow extending KiCad by other projects.

> I may have some time later in the year to start this. I am currently
> bringing a new ARM board to market that was designed with Kicad.

(-: To you have "KiCad Powered" sticker on them?? :-)

Btw. Yahoo sents real shit in these HTML mails. I am converting to
text, probably yahoo will back to HTML.

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