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Gnucap, kicad, and summer of code.


Hi .. I am the main author of Gnucap. I would like to get 
Gnucap and Kicad to interoperate.

Gnucap is participating in the Google Summer of code under the 
GNU project.

There is a list of suggested projects at:

One of the projects listed is format translation. There is a 
need for a driver, and several plugins for specific formats.

Another possibility is a Dbus interface plugin, in hopes of real 
interaction between the simulator and schematic, like you get 
with Multisim (a commercial simulator).

My reason for posting here is that one of the needed formats is 
to interoperate with kicad, both schematic and layout. There's 
a possibility of such a project under the Google Summer of 
Code, and I want to invite someone here to apply. The deadline 
is April 3.

Even if nothing comes out of this SoC opportunity, I still want 
for Gnucap and Kicad to work together, and am open to ideas.



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