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Re: IDL for DBUS


Hi Dick,

I think that I did not explain myself at all well... Let me quote another of your messages:

My suggestion is to use D-BUS. The file formats in Kicad are likely to
evolve and that will break code that relies on a stable format. A
series of well designed D-BUS functions are likely to be more stable and immune from file format changes.

My point is exacly that: I prefer a file to store the board (or other) then to have a cominucation between 2 running programs. A file can be stored, transmitted, interpreted or converted by some other program, or whatever.

Why not an intermediate approach: a simple set of functions that create an ASCII file and read them? Maybe this can be closer to ideal?

In anyway, I ppreciate your work and I don't have time to contribute, so your word is last... I just want dt discuss that point a bit


Dick Hollenbeck escreveu:
Alain M. wrote:
Dick Hollenbeck escreveu:

D-BUS solves a lot of problems that we have, AND allows others to interface with Kicad in a well documented, and very rich way.

Peronaly, I don't like that approach. I like well documented *FILES* that can be easely created, modified and used.

Is it a requirement that as soon as D-BUS is implemented, all documentation on file formats be destroyed? I was not aware of that.

Could you please tell me (us?) what has to be done withou an intermediate file?

Don't understand the question.



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