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Re: solder paste


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "jacobeluz1" <jacobeluz@...> wrote:

> 1. when i created the gerber files i noticed that the size of the solder paste is bigger then the pad itself, this can cause to mutch tin on the pad, is ther a possability to change the size of the solder paste ?

This is strange, never happened to me... anyway you can customize the solder paste (or other layers, like solder masks) with dummy pads:

- In your copper (main) pad uncheck the solder paste layer

- Create a new pad (or more than one, like with D2PAK where the big sink isusually soldered with four blob of tin arranged in a square pattern) without pin number and ONLY the solder paste checked.

The same technique can be used (with the solder mask) to make oversize dissipation pads for power components... too bad you can't put in the module the required thermal vias (hint hint :D)