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Re: Latest SVN commits.


jean-pierre charras wrote:
> Wayne Stambaugh a écrit :
>> Dick Hollenbeck wrote:

<< snipped >>

> I had some problems with my mail. Its works now!
> Dick wrote exactly what i am thinking.

I wondered why I didn't hear from you sooner. I thought you might be on

> Kicad code must be cleaned and enhanced.
> There is a lot of legacy code due to kicad history:
> written in C for dos, eeschema and pcbnew started as 2 different pieces
> of software (eeschema started from a schematic found on internet, after
> starting pcbnew from scratch)
> Rewritten to run under Windows and Linux.
> Rewritten to use wxWindows 1.6 (formerly wxWidgets) and C++ and modified
> to use wxWidgets 2 ...
> And has a lot of workaround to handle a *lot* of bugs in early versions
> of wxWidgets.
> Fortunately, now wxWidgets is mature and powerful, and now complementary
> tools exist to help us (wxFormBuilder for dialogs building),
> So Kicad can now uses all wxWidgets features.
> Because there is now also a lot of files in eeschema and pcbnew
> directories, i am thinking also to a slight change inside these directories:
> In each directory, create a sub directory like "dialogs", and move all
> dialog files in this new sub directory.
> (Could be also made for "class_xxx" files).
> Common pcbnew files could be also moved from pcbnew to a specific directory.

I was planning on moving them into there own subdirectory at some point.
I wanted to wait a while and make sure I didn't break anything just in
case I had to revert some of the changes. If I don't hear of any issues
in the next few weeks, I'll move those files into their own subdirectory
and update the cmake files accordingly.

> Also,thanks for all your work!

You're welcome. I'll start looking at some of the UI changes that I
suggested and start converting some of the old DialogBlocks dialogs over
to wxFormBuilder. As usual, I'll continue to clean up the base code.


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