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Re: broken eeschema


Dick Hollenbeck a écrit :
My big schematic file seems to be loading differently under the new eeschema. I have a ground symbol in my private library. I used that in the schematic. My personal library is right next to the schematic file in the same directory as the schematic file, which is all part of the same project.

Now with the most recent eeschema, suddenly I have 83 erc errors, when I load the same, unmodified schematic into the newest eeschema.

The date of my schematic file is Feb 2009 so nothing changed in it in awhile.

If I load the same unmodified schematic file into a eeschema build made with code at or around April 1st, there are no erc errors.

When I say the ground symbol is separated from the wires, there is a vertical gap in the newest software. Is it possible that there is a different ground symbol being used, or is there something else at work here?


lib path handling has changed, so loading a different library is possible.
But this can happen only if 2 libraries with the same name exists in paths (the first one will be loaded). Can you check if the ground symbol being used is the right symbol from the right library.

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