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Re: Re: SVN Rev 1734 Can't load schematics


Brian Sidebotham a écrit :

2009/4/19 Brian Sidebotham <brian.sidebotham@ gmail.com <mailto:brian.sidebotham%40gmail.com>>:
> Hi Guys,
> Been a while since I've mailed. I have just compiled SVN Rev 1734 on
> windows XP using WxWidgets 2.8.10 and eechema fails to load any
> schematics. It simply comes up with a dialog box titled Error with the
> information "Loading C:\Filename. sch" every time it tries to open a

Just to be a bit more verbose (Amazing how you read things differently
as soon as you press the send button!). "Loading C:\Filename. sch" is
not literal, it does represent a valid path to a good schematic file.

I am unable to recreate this problem.
can you send more info (do you run eeschema from kicad.exe or alone, what is the full name (with full path) of of the schematic you want open by eeschema ...)
On my computer eeschema runs ok.

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