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Re: RS274X file format.


Dick Hollenbeck wrote:

This is why I have been using wxList and wxArray instead of C++ list and

I don't share your enthusiasm for these two containers.

There is little standard about C++ if <vector> is not. In fact I would even disagree with you. wxString is reasonable because it is unicode and work with the gui functions. Beyond that using standard C++ containers is entirely safe and likely gives you an easier path to a different GUI library. Say somebody wanted to go to QT someday......


Well I came back here and see that I said nothing about C++ list. If the object being put on a list is an object derived from our base_struct, then we have our DLIST<> stuff and that is the list type to be used.

C++ list actually requires two memory allocations for each node so I *never* use it, ever. In fact I never use any linked list framework which requires more than a single memory allocation per node. Vector and the boost ptr_vector are way better than C++ list for non base_struct derived object containers. For anything of complexity, ptr_vector wins the day, and it is not even a close call, because all such instantiations share common code based on std::vector<void*>, and the object can be destroyed automatically via pointer only at container destruction time. Copy constructors don't enter in because only a pointer is in the container, not the actual object copy.



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