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Re: Re: Preliminary Hershey patch


jean-pierre.charras@... wrote:
> I modified the global scaling factor used in Drawtxt.cpp.<br>
> I hope that change solves this issue.<br>

Thanks ! It's much better now. The text height looks good. The width
still isn't right, though. E.g., see the text in the top right corner
of page 2:

Old fonts:


Also in the middle, the EINT19/TCLK1/GPG1 "pseudo-pin" in the TIMER
block is off by about 30%.

I think that's because the new font is proportional. Maybe the font
could be set with fixed spacing, with a flag to switch to proportional ?
That flag could default to "proportional" for new text.

> This is a wxWidget bug.<br>
> Use the *last* stable wxWidget version (2.8.10).<br>

Thanks ! I'll try the upgrade when wxwidgets.org is back online.
(Shame that Ubuntu only has 2.8.9.)

- Werner

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