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Re: Layers visibility


2009/6/2 Wayne Stambaugh <stambaughw@...>:
> Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
>> Ing. Gabriele Oberhammer wrote:
>>> Thanks for all the replays :-)
> << snipped >>
>> I'm glad to see you and others are still in brain storm mode.
> << snipped >>
>> Dick
> While we are still in the brain storm mode, I had a few rumblings in my
> head so I thought I would weight in on this discussion.  I would like to
> see a two pronged approach.  A full featured implementation such as
> Dick's suggestion of a modeless dialog is great for those users that
> have more than one monitor.  For those of us poor souls that have to
> work on single monitor systems, a solution that doesn't use any more
> screen real estate than necessary is preferable.  Some CAD programs use
> a combobox in the main tool bar to allow changing the current working
> layer, turning layers on and off, and other minor layer settings.  To
> access the full layer editing dialog, you double-click on the layer you
> wish to edit and have the full layer editing dialog open.  The only real
>  issue I see with this solution besides the extra coding is that using a
> modeless dialog would require keeping both the combobox and dialog
> settings synchronized.
> Wayne

Looking away from PCB CAD for a moment, some CAD systems have a
collapsible (saving screen real estate if necessary) and dockable
(Useful for multiple monitor setups) panels. I see this as not just a
way forward for the layer visibility selection, but also expanding to
other object properties if the panel has multiple dockable elements or
is paged.

CorelDraw! springs to mind as a piece of CAD where objects are
selected and can be quickly edited. In this vein, multiple objects can
be selected and common properties can be edited at the same time. It's
something that KiCad is missing support for, and also a dream in terms
of UI but this simple patch offered by Gabriele could open the door to
this sort of functionality if it is implemented with the foresight to
extend beyond the layer visibility.

I think the only downside to this is that you may have one extra click
to get to the layer visibility page of a dockable panel as opposed to
a specific combo box in the tool bar. Not unreasonable for extra
future functionality.

Best Regards,


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