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Re: Re: Layers visibility


2009/6/2 Dick Hollenbeck <dick@...>:
> Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
>> are we ready to move to the evaluation and clarification phase of
>> brainstorming?
>> This is the last call for fresh ideas!
> OK, let's move on then.

Are the ideas:

(1) Dockable dialog, which can be shown or hidden via a toolbar toggle
button. Uses WxAUI
(2) A modeless floating window, which can be shown or hidden via a
toolbar toggle button. Doesn't use wxAUI
(3) A specific drop down box in the main toolbar, operation as
descibed by Wayne.


I think (1) and (2) are essentially the same thing in terms of UI,
with the only real difference being that (2) is able to be docked and
(1) isn't. There may be more subtle differences that I am not aware of

> Here are some characteristics that we can use to evaluate the various
> proposals with:

With regards to (2):

> 1** Number of mouse clicks to change a layer.

All mouse clicks are +1 if the dialog is currently hidden.
Changing layer can be a single click, if the dialog has a vertical
radio button group for the current layer selection.

> 2** What is it that shows me the currently selected layer, and how many
> clicks do I have to use to get that status?

Radio button group will show this automatically, no clicks needed.
This depends if a radio button provides suitable visual feedback on a
possibly busy dialog box.

> 3** How many mouse clicks to turn off a layer.

Single click, this time a via a vertical checkbox group.

> 4** What is it that shows me the current on/off status of any layer, and
> how many clicks do I have to use to get that status?

No clicks required, vertical checkbox group shows visibility.

> 5** How much screen real estate do I give up on a *continuous* basis?

This will depend on individual use, the ability to select the
visibility of the panel via a toggle button on the main toolbar means
it can always be hidden with one mouse click and can stay hidden until
it is made visible again.

> 6** How is a layer represented, by name, color or both?

I think as layer naming is in place and looks like it will be
something that gets used more in the future the layer name should be
displayed as a label, the layer colour should also be shown in a
coloured box as it is in the current colours dialog. A single click on
the coloured box bringing up a colour picker dialog to change the
layer colour.

> 7** What does the implementor like?  This tends to sway what gets coded.

Very true!

One quick last question, is it invisaged that this would take over
functionality from the drop down menu on the main toolbar which is
already present for selecting a layer, or is this dialog something
that would be present in parallel with the drop down menu?

Best Regards,


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