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Re: Re: Layers visibility


Werner Almesberger wrote:
Brian Sidebotham wrote:

3** How many mouse clicks to turn off a layer.

Single click, this time a via a vertical checkbox group.

Hmm, or two if it's just one vertical group. Something like this:

- left-click on unselected but visible layer selects it

This one below is not intuitive:
- left-click on invisible layer makes it visible and selects it

- left-click on selected layer toggles visiblity (*)
- right-click opens a dialog to set layer properties such as
color, name, short name

(*) If it's desirable that the selected layer be always visible,
then selection could move to the least recently selected
visible layer or such when the layer is made invisible.

This above is a valid consideration, what to do when someone tries to select an invisible layer...

Lets go back and look at Gabriele's mock up:


What about that as a UI component? It is getting there. I don't see a color association however.

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