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Re: Re: New file uploaded to kicad-devel


Manveru wrote:
2009/6/5 Dick Hollenbeck <dick@...>:

GTK has action system which is able to connect toolbars, menus and
keyboard shortcuts in some general model. It is not perfect in terms
of design for me (I know it only from Python bindings), but works
really well.

So how does this help Kicad, which runs on windows also?

I do not understand what you mean by "windows"? GTK+ is a framework as
wxWidgets (as you probably know). I only want to emphasise the
usefulness of GTK+ mechanisms (they work on Windows also).

If you want us to convert to GTK+, then no, I don't think anyone wants to do that.

If you want to improve wxWidgets, then please make the suggestion on the wxWidgets mailing list. Otherwise I do not see that this posting helps Kicad in any way.