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> Lorenzo, sorry just to add something that can help to discriminate, whichof those chooses can leave room for a better implementation to cyrillic/other alphabet writers ?

As I said the greatest problem is the availability of a free font...
Hersheys are substantially dead (i.e. need to draw the missing glyph), SHP (SHX decompiled) can be Unicode encoded, but I never seen a free one...CXF fonts have the same expressive power of SHX (in a saner format:D) but the only multilingual one I found is the unicode.cxf supplied with qcad (no ideaof its license...);

So in the meantime the most 'plausible' solution is using the outlines froma truetype/type-1 font: probably a light font wouldn't be too bad drawn asoutline... something like DejaVu would work (they're also available in SFDsource form)

If some people want I could try to hack a ttf converter using freetype (convering quadrics to lines is the hardest part :P). The drawing engine would be similar to the current one (but would be probably better to read shapes from an external file :)

Tell me if you're interested

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