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Re: Re: New file uploaded to kicad-devel


Hello Kicad Devs,

let me briefly introduce myself.
My name is Thomas and I am watching the Kicad project for several years andin 
my opinion it is a very good tool. Using kicad mainly for documentation 
purpose, I always had the problem of "good looking" output documents. I 
modified the Postscript output to substitute a TT font (actually any PS 
font). That alwas resulted in some discrepancies between screen and printout. 
However I could live with it and enjoyed "readable" and "searchable"  
I realized that you are seriously considering hershey fonts for text rendering 
and so I dug out my old vector fonts. I designed these about 30 years ago for 
ink pen plotters (actually DAC driven xy recorders). The font is inspired by 
the ISO font and uses single with pens of constant but variable with. It 
scales easily and gives a run width similar to modern ISO TT fonts. It usesa 
grid of about 50x70 integer ticks. I would be happy to provide the data if 
someone is willing to integrate them into kicad.

Am Monday 08 June 2009 schrieb Lorenzo:
> --- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Marco Serantoni" <marco.serantoni@...> 
> > Lorenzo, sorry just to add something that can help to discriminate, which
> > of those chooses can leave room for a better implementation to
> > cyrillic/other alphabet writers ?
> As I said the greatest problem is the availability of a free font...
> Hersheys are substantially dead (i.e. need to draw the missing glyph), SHP
> (SHX decompiled) can be Unicode encoded, but I never seen a free one...CXF
> fonts have the same expressive power of SHX (in a saner format:D) but the
> only multilingual one I found is the unicode.cxf supplied with qcad (no
> idea of its license...);
> So in the meantime the most 'plausible' solution is using the outlines from
> a truetype/type-1 font: probably a light font wouldn't be too bad drawn as
> outline... something like DejaVu would work (they're also available in SFD
> source form)
> If some people want I could try to hack a ttf converter using freetype
> (convering quadrics to lines is the hardest part :P). The drawing engine
> would be similar to the current one (but would be probably better to read
> shapes from an external file :)
> Tell me if you're interested
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