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Re: Vector fonts


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Dick Hollenbeck <dick@...> wrote:

> There are a number of different usages of fonts: drawing on screen 
> while in Kicad programs, plotting to gerber, plotting to svf, plotting 
> to hpgl, plotting to ps. Speed is most important for the drawing on 
> screen usage. The other usages can take a performance hit.

Uhmmm am I wrong or svg is done simply through the wx print mechanics? in common there are plotting routines only for HPGL, PS and Gerber...

> use wxFont's within wxWidgets where fonts are scaled properly?

IMHO using wxFont would be a PITA... matching metrics and spacing between screen and plot would be really difficult (thing like hinting and similar stuff). IF we have a 'filled polygon' primitive in wx with a reasonable fill rule (i.e. winding, not odd/even), just feed the outline to it to draw on screen...
> and then back to a horizontal line vector array. The rasterization step 
> could be isolated within one or more of the plotting usages.

In drawtxt there already is a 'sister' plot routine, it shouldn't be too difficult to isolate this thing. BUT we loose the 'text width', because it will then dictated by the font outline.

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