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Re: Re: Vector fonts


Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
>> If I get it correctly your opinion is to simply use OS support for the fonts... that could be OK for 'typical' applications but not for CAD (nor for typography :P:P)
> My opinion is that we need to explore using the wxFont API on top of 
> wxGraphicsContext. I said nothing about wxDC, which as Jean-Pierre 
> pointed out, is having problems scaling fonts.

Is the font scaling still valid or is this a platform related issue? I
just compiled the wxWidgets drawing sample on Windows and Linux and the
fonts appear to scale properly using wxDC. Granted, they scale much
better using wxGraphicsContext. Perhaps, JP meant that wxFonts do not
scale properly in Kicad with wxDC. Which is understandable given that
Kicad doesn't use the wxDC scaling mechanism. This believe this would
be just as true for wxGraphicsContext if it were implemented like the
current wxDC design.


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