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Re: Re: Vector fonts


On Wed, 10 Jun 2009, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:

wxGC is only a different face on top of wxGraphicsContext. And when I
looked at it a year ago, that face was getting in the way of the real
work horse, wxGraphicsContext.

They are not distinctly different code paths. wxGC uses a
wxGraphicsContext underneath, but tries to look like a wxDC, and in
doing so, sometimes shields you from what you need.

I think a few cryptic combinations were left out. wxGC = wxGraphicsContext, wxGCDC = wxDC style glue to wxGC... It was wxGCDC that I tested on Eeschema to see how antialiasing would look, but integer line widths of wxDC made it quite bad. Speed was crap too. I guess it is still in the sources, isolated by ifdefs. It's nice to see that you have (apparently) found some time for Kicad graphics.

glyph" anchor point, say the lower left corner. One of the harder
steps is to find the anchor point in the gerber file when handling
angled text. You have to traverse an angled line, by the width of each
succeeding character.

But it seems doable. A beneficial fallout from some of this is an easy
path to support bitmap logos.

Vector logos should be taken care too and my guess it that they should be preferred these days. It always amazes me how every "simple" problem grows really intricate after some serious thinking and digging deeper. Never yes or no as an answer. Kicad font system is no exception :)


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