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Generic Object Properties Dialog


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Continuing on from the previous thread about a Layer Visibility
dialog, or tool palette I started taking a quick look at what would be
involved in a common object properties dialog. I created a quick
dialog, which is modeless and floats above PCBNEW. It is quick for
editing object positions, but that is about all it does at the moment!

I got stuck actually, or didn't really know which way to head. I
created a dialog using wxFormBuilder and I started adding wxPanels
with the hidden attribute set to true. The intention was to make them
visible when they are pertinent to the object type that is currently
selected. However, this seems to fail as the panel is simply displayed
at the top left of the dialog instead of part of the vertical sizer
layout. I will have to investigate. If I manage to fix that I will
generate a patch for anyone who wishes to have a look at it.

If anyone has any suggestions of how to go about making a tool palette
that can be hidden or shown I'd really appreciate it.

Lastly, I was looking at using icons instead of Text labeled buttons
as I think it translates easier and can fit in a smaller space. I was
looking at using the Tango ( http://tango.freedesktop.org ) icons
where possible. I have already added a few of the Tango icons to the
KiCAD build (Justify-Left, Justify-Centre, and Justify-Right) as can
be seen in the screenshot attached. The Tango icons are released under
the GPL (v3) licence.

Best Regards,

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