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Re: Generic Object Properties Dialog


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Manveru <manveru@...> wrote:
> I think idea how user sees the dialog (dioiioib) is different than idea how
> it has to be implemented (Dick). I think every class of maintainable objects
> should have separate dialog in terms of widgets layout. But the window
> showing the layout could be the same exchanging what is displayed. GTK+ has
> a reparent feature, I don't know whether wxWidgets have such.

wxWidgets have the possibility of reparenting with wxAUI, there also also wxMiniFrame or wxCollapsiblePane that coulb be suitable to do this kind of job.

I personally think we should keep attention to avoid the "photoshop" effectwhere users heavvly use keyboard shortcuts because UI is too click-expensive or because floating windows loose focus.


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