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Re: My thoughts on what would make Kicad the ideal program.


I wouldn't suggest flipping the board, and anyway flipping the board wouldn't necessary put the layer you want on top. Simply draw the working layer on top of all the display, so it is most visible. 

That can be an option too, it is good to have lots of optional stuff, so people can choose how they want it to work.

I was thinking more about the mouse. The mouse is the fastest control, so it would be ideal to spend a little more time on it. The mouse buttons should be fully customizable. People often do things differently, so if they cancustomize the mouse, that'd be very helpful. Also another mistake I see programs make (pretty much all programs), is they only support a 3 button mouse. It would be ideal to support 5 or more mouse buttons, assuming they arestandard of course.

There should be a simple dialog box that allows you to choose the functionsfor each mouse button and wheel. Also, double click for each button, and click and drag for each button.