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Re: My thoughts on what would make Kicad the ideal program.


I forgot to mention, I like that idea of block selecting a bunch of pins and routing them all at the same time. You chould use hold down shift and select them, or hold down control and select them, than the autorouter would route the whole group based on the click locations you feed it.

I've got a 5 button mouse, and one of the buttons is set to control. It might be useful to have control and shift and alternate as options for mouse buttons, and maybe also to be able to customize functions for control, alternate, and shift in combination with each mouse button, or maybe just for control (might be to many to remember anyway).

I was just thinking, Kicad wants access to the Internet when it is in use, why is that? You might already do this, but suppose the program were to logclicks, to determine which commands are used most often. Then it could send back data saying which commands are used most often, and most often by some individuals, and most often by beginners and experts. That would help determine which commands should have quick access. 'Course, some people don'tlike to give out information, some are not so trusting, so it'd be best for that to be optional.

'Course, it might be easier and better to simply allow people to customize their icons and menus. Then you'd want to setup the commands based on what would be easiest for beginners to learn.


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