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Re: Feedback and wishlist


Lorenzo wrote:
> OK, now for my dose of feedback from colleagues (and me :P)

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> - Some way to customize the title block... the reason because they ask us DXF plots is to paste it in a sheet with their personal title block :P:P. But that would mean to have a full CAD system, so maybe just a configuration with a list of field/line position would suffice (something like a metafile). In fact IIRC the internal title block is already table driven in this way :D

The main reason for DXF export was not to modify the title block.
Although you could use it for that. It was to provide a a file format
that most major CAD programs can import directly ( AutoCAD, SolidWorks,
ProE, etc.). This saves me an extra step of converting an HPGL file to
a DXF file with another program. It also prevents my mechanical
designer from having to manually redraw the physical dimensions of my
PCBs for packaging purposes. Ideally, a 3D (parametric model) file
format like STEP or IGES would be preferable but it isn't too difficult
to create a solid model from the DXF files.


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