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Re: Feedback and wishlist


Lorenzo wrote:
> - Net properties. Something like classes in Eagle. Things I missed in
> eeschema/pcbnew (net properties are mostly for use during layout):

Impedance ! :)

> = Naming the net without placing a label?

Hmm, I'd rather avoid invisible things. That's what drove me away from
gEDA - all the invisible but very relevant parameters in the components
and schematics. KiCad also has a few, e.g., pin type, but at least that
one can be made visible with a script:

> - A shove function...

Yeah, I'd very much love to have that :)

> Other stuff that could be useful/interesting:
> - Libraries fetched from a DB, like orcad CIS.

The POSIX file system is already a very fine database, and there
isn't exactly a shortage of revision control systems for it
either :-)

Also, please don't underestimate the cost of a database system.
If each multi-person project using KiCad needs to set up a
separate database server and maybe coordinate a bunch of new
extensions across a possibly geographically distributed and
heterogenous group of developers, just the logistics of keeping
KiCad operational may get very costly.

If someone adds a database interface, please make it such that
the default database is still a plain directory hierarchy. Maybe
it would be good to think of what functions such an interface
should provide, then convert the existing mechanism to it, etc.

- Werner

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