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Re: Re: Plotting infrastructure reworking patch


We're making progress :-) As of r1852, my build fails with:

[ 70%] /home/ee/kicad/kicad/common/common_plotDXF_functions.cpp: In member function 'virtual void DXF_Plotter::start_plot(FILE*)':
/home/ee/kicad/kicad/common/common_plotDXF_functions.cpp:47: error: request for member 'c_str' in 'ColorRefs[i].StructColors::m_Name', which is of non-class type 'const wxChar*'Building CXX object common/CMakeFiles/common.dir/drawpanel.cpp.o
[ three more of the same kind ]

Haven't seen this one before.

- Werner

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