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Re: Feedback and wishlist


Werner Almesberger wrote:
Dick Hollenbeck wrote:

I question whether we could ever muster enough resources to come even close to what freerouter offers NOW.

How about integrating Freerouter into the KiCad codebase then ?

The whole "streaming java" setup seems rather awkward. I spent
about a day unsuccessfully trying to get it to work. I suppose
others may have had similar experiences.

Getting it to work, or learning it? It should take 10 minutes to get it to work with a good Java installation in place from the time you start your clock.

Learning it will take you a day or more, but it is worth it. Because it is in Java and because the source is not available, I don't see a clear path for better integration. Java Web Start works well for me on Linux. After the first time, I usually run it simply by typing in

$ javaws freeroute.jnlp

on the command line.

As I said, the export needs to pass "net classes" from Kicad, and that means Kicad has to have them. For the time being, I add them manually to the *.dsn file with a text editor before I load it into freerouter, but that requires special knowledge and is not convenient. Search for my past postings on this.

Freerouter is worth two days to learn, if that is what it takes. I could not have done my board without it, period. Kicad had *no chance* of routing my 6 layer board. The manual push and shove routing is priceless and world class.

What platform are you having a problem getting it to work on? Did you ask for help on the freerouting.net forum?


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