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Re: Asserts under wx-2.9


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Dick Hollenbeck <dick@...> wrote:
> We ran into this earlier, IIRC it was in PCBNEW. The solution was to 
> simply remove this UpdateStatusBar() for all platforms from the 
> DrawPanel code. It should not be needed. The status bar should know 
> when it needs updating, and this should be done in its OnPaint() 
> handling logic.
> My point is that when we can find a general solution, which is not 
> platform specific, that is preferred over contaminating the code with 
> these ifndef WXMACs everywhere. This is what we achieved on status bar 
> earlier.
> This is like deja vu. Let's find the same solution we did before, and 
> then put it into all the executables so we do not have to visit this again.
> My suggestion.

I agree with you can be safetly removed, but i feel the need to avoid to hurt other platforms and give you the chance to change it ad libitum, so i propose them in an flood of ifdef WXMAC ;)

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