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Re: Re: [MacOSX] Asserts under wx-2.9


Marco Serantoni wrote:
--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Dick Hollenbeck <dick@...> wrote:

We ran into this earlier, IIRC it was in PCBNEW. The solution was to simply remove this UpdateStatusBar() for all platforms from the DrawPanel code. It should not be needed. The status bar should know when it needs updating, and this should be done in its OnPaint() handling logic.

My point is that when we can find a general solution, which is not platform specific, that is preferred over contaminating the code with these ifndef WXMACs everywhere. This is what we achieved on status bar earlier.

This is like deja vu. Let's find the same solution we did before, and then put it into all the executables so we do not have to visit this again.

My suggestion.

I agree with you can be safetly removed, but i feel the need to avoid to hurt other platforms and give you the chance to change it ad libitum, so i propose them in an flood of ifdef WXMAC ;)


You are doing fine. My remarks were targeted towards whomever it inclined to commit this patch.

Thanks for your efforts.

I could not find my earlier UpdateStatusBar() work in the CHANGELOG. files. But I *know* I worked on this.

As I remember there was some goofy usage of the status bar for a few milliseconds between when the time the text was sent by force into the status bar, but then when you let the window redraw itself naturally, that text was erased. It make my head hurt, and that is why I am still a bit cranky about it. I think it is still hurting.


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