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Re: Re: [kicad-users] Strange problem with Zones and


2009/8/12 Alain Mouette <alainm@...>:
> Yes, I consider this to be a serious bug in Kicad. It happened to me in
> 2 situations:
> 1) tracks that are not in any net

Can you repeat this? i.e. can you come up with a way of creating a
track that bridges two nets and doesn't get caught by the DRC? I have
tried shorting to tracks out by placing a new track over two existing
tracks and KiCAD won't create the track because of the DRC error.

> 2) anything that is not a track but will produce a short-circuit in the
> board.

What is on the copper layer that is not a track? I presume you also
mean that is not a via or pad too. I'm struggling to think of
something you could have on the copper layer that isn't an object
recognised by the DRC?

Again, an example of how to demonstrate the problem would be great.

Best Regards,


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