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Re: Re: [kicad-users] Strange problem with Zones and


Here is one of them :)

I hope that it helps finding the problem.

I hope that oly the .pcb is enough. I went all the way through eeschema, 
net, cvpcb, pcbnew to make sure that ir realistic.


Brian Sidebotham escreveu:
> 2009/8/12 Alain Mouette <alainm@...>:
>> Yes, I consider this to be a serious bug in Kicad. It happened to me in
>> 2 situations:
>> 1) tracks that are not in any net
> Can you repeat this? i.e. can you come up with a way of creating a
> track that bridges two nets and doesn't get caught by the DRC? I have
> tried shorting to tracks out by placing a new track over two existing
> tracks and KiCAD won't create the track because of the DRC error.
>> 2) anything that is not a track but will produce a short-circuit in the
>> board.
> What is on the copper layer that is not a track? I presume you also
> mean that is not a via or pad too. I'm struggling to think of
> something you could have on the copper layer that isn't an object
> recognised by the DRC?
> Again, an example of how to demonstrate the problem would be great.
> Best Regards,
> Brian.
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