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PCBNEW DRC with rotated rectangular pads (partial fix in r1952)


Hi everyone,

find attached a board that generates a false alert in DRC. A "pad near pad" 
error is emitted for every pad of a TQFP-32. 

The problem seems to occur only if the footprint is rotated by 45°+n*90° (450, 
1350, ...). 
This is due to an incorrect check of orientation in drc.h for the "trivial" 
case that both rectangular pads are oriented by multiple of 90°. The old check 
only tested if both pads were relatively aligned by a multiple of 90°, which 
was also true if both were rotated e.g. by 45°.

I fixed this in r1952.

I also noticed that other orientations are NOT CHECKED AT ALL, which basically 
means that DRC errors are not detected for rectangular pads that are not 
aligned to 90°!!! This is kind of bad, although it is marked as a TODO.

Unfortunately, the fix is non-trivial (at least to me)...

Best regards,
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