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Re: Layer Properties Dialog and limited number of


2009/9/4 jean-pierre charras <jean-pierre.charras@...>:
> Brian Sidebotham a écrit :
>> Hi Guys,
>> Last night I thought I might as well start looking at implimenting the
>> layer properties dialog (or toolbox) that was discussed a while back.
>> However, whilst I was reading up on the code, I noticed that KiCAD is
>> limited to around 20 colours or so that are predefined in an array. Is
>> there any reason for this in particular?
> Yes (for pcbnew).
> Pcbnew and Gerbview (but not eeschema) uses the OR mode to draw the
> layers on screen (the transparency mode did not exists when i wrote the
> code)
> I carefully chose the binary values of these colors in order to have
> good results in OR mode in screen, to see layers like in tranparency mode.

Okay, thanks Jean-Pierre. There always seems to be a good reason why
the code was originally chosen. I will investigate to see what options
there are. If I fail to find anything worthwhile, I'll just impliment
the colour picker as the one already present! It would make life easy.

Best Regards,


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