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build version in packagesrc.sh


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Hi everyone,
recently I ran into some issues with the packagesrc.sh provided by the
kicad svn repository. Since I'm packaging my own kicad debian packages
(src & binary through ubuntu's ppa build service) I wanted to include
the svn revision and the date in the about boxes. At the first glance
packagesrc.sh seems to do that job. However I ran into a problem:
The script _creates_ kicad/include/config.h which defines
KICAD_ABOUT_VERSION. Well, the problem is that cmake also generates a
config.h with configuration related defines. A simple #include
"config.h" will now include the wrong header and break the build.

Fix: Replace the entire "cat << EOF ........ EOF" with:

sed -i "s/#define BUILD_VERSION.*/#define BUILD_VERSION \"r${svnrev}
(${svndate})\"/" kicad/common/about_kicad.cpp

This will substitute the fallback definition in case the svn revision
couldn't be detected by cmake.


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