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Re: PCBNEW DRC with rotated rectangular pads (partial fix in r1952)


Am Dienstag, 8. September 2009 07:54:34 schrieb jean-pierre charras - INPG:
> But the better way is to extract (and simplify) from zone to zone
> outline DRC control the code that test the distance between 2 polygon
> that is exactly what is needed here.
> see zones_test_and_combine_areas.cpp and
> BOARD::Test_Drc_Areas_Outlines_To_Areas_Outlines

You are right. I haven't looked into it yet. Currently (as of r1955 and my 
local extension), I used the TestForIntersectionOfStraightLineSegments() to 
test rectangular/trapezoidal pads. Seems to work well...

I yet have to extend this work to do the Oval/Circle vs Trapezoid tests, but 
that can be done using GetClearanceBetweenSegments() function.

Jean-Pierre: During my "analysis" of the code, I encountered a function called 
checkLine(), which tests a line against some rectangle which is stored in 
DRC::m_xcliplo etc.
I think this function is really unintuitive (to be polite) as it uses some 
class members to do the test. Would you object if I removed that code and used 
something cleaner (as the functions I mentioned above)? Or is there any 
specific reason to do it with checkLine()?

- Jonas

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