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Re: Re: Layer Properties Dialog and limited number


Brian Sidebotham a écrit :

2009/9/8 dioiioib <dioiioib@yahoo. ca <mailto:dioiioib%40yahoo.ca>>:
>> > Yes (for pcbnew).
>> > Pcbnew and Gerbview (but not eeschema) uses the OR mode to draw the
>> > layers on screen (the transparency mode did not exists when i wrote the
>> > code)
>> > I carefully chose the binary values of these colors in order to have
>> > good results in OR mode in screen, to see layers like in tranparency mode.
> Is there a way to add more colours to this list. When working with more than two layers it would be appreciated if you could pick some colours that were not utilized by other items, under "tech layers" and "other".

I am currently looking at this. I don't see why the bit patterns have
to be anything special at the moment, but there is always a good
reason for the code as is. The OR'd result should be correct for all
colours, no matter what their bit pattern is. I need to do some
testing. In the code I think it would be nice to get away from the
colour lookup array and allow people to use a standard colour picker.

Some values are better than others when combining them.
Suppose you want have 2 green values for 2 different layers.
If you choose values 0x80 and 0x40 you can easily see the 3 value (0x80, 0x40 and 0xC0=0x80|0x40) on screen.
IThis is therefore a good choice.
f you choose values 0x7F (near from 0x80) and 0x40 you can see only 2 value (0x7F, 0x40 and 0x7F = 0x7F | 0x40) on screen, and therefore no transparency effect.
This is therefore a bad choice.
The choice is more difficult for 3 or 4 layers with good OR effects.
The OR mode is simple but has limited possibilities.
The standard colour picker cannot allow the user to make a good choice easily

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