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Re: Re: Layer Properties Dialog and limited number of


>> I am currently looking at this. I don't see why the bit patterns have
>> to be anything special at the moment, but there is always a good
>> reason for the code as is. The OR'd result should be correct for all
>> colours, no matter what their bit pattern is. I need to do some
>> testing. In the code I think it would be nice to get away from the
>> colour lookup array and allow people to use a standard colour picker.
> Some values are better than others when combining them.
> Suppose you want have 2 green values for 2 different layers.
> If you choose values  0x80 and 0x40 you can easily see the 3 value
> (0x80, 0x40 and 0xC0=0x80|0x40) on screen.
> IThis is therefore a good choice.
> f you choose values  0x7F (near from 0x80) and 0x40 you can see only 2
> value (0x7F, 0x40 and 0x7F = 0x7F | 0x40) on screen, and therefore no
> transparency effect.
> This is therefore a bad choice.
> The choice is more difficult for 3 or 4 layers with good OR effects.
> The OR mode is simple but has limited possibilities.
> The standard colour picker cannot allow the user to make a good choice
> easily

Hi Jean-Pierre,

Thanks for taking the time to point out the obvious example. I think
OR is still the best solution, and as you have pointed out - we have
to be careful with colour selection.

Best Regards,