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Re: Net Classes


I am not especially fond of having the Layers tab on the Design Rules
Dialog. I was thinking this would go along with our layer
toolbar/goodie work as a popup that we spend a month discussing.

I fully agree. It is here just because the tab layer did not exist.

It does not really fit in the Design Rules Dialog and I would like to
remove it or move it, if you want me to do any UI work in the morning.
I can spend another half day on this tomorrow.


Remove it, it can be moved somewhere to the general preferences (until the tab layer exists).

OK, please let's plan on pulling it out of the SVN repository in the future, should it be needed. I am making no plans to save it other than that. Because it was a TAB on a multi-page dialog, it will have to be carved out, and this will not be trivial in any case because it was co-mingled with the Design Rules Tab code and also in the *.fbp file.

Regarding Netclasses:

After working on this for a couple of days now and thinking about it extensively, I am having a hard time justifying both a "Track Width" and a "Minimum Track Width" setting within a Netclass. I think that a single "Track Width" is sufficient, which can serve as both the normal width for a new segment, but also a minimum during DRC. If the user wants to lay down a track larger than this and put that NET into a CLASS, this is OK, as long as the track width is larger than the netclass's "Track Width". In general I feel that:

(1) a user can always define a new netclass to address any special "minimums".

(2) netclasses are a large step up in functionality within Kicad.

(3) Simplicity of concept, and simplicity of use, are to be weighted highly in this decision.

So unless I hear a good reason SOON to keep "Minimum Track Width" on a per netclass basis, it is my intention to remove that parameter from each netclass. The same argument I think holds for Via Diameter, and even Via Hole Size. A single parameter for each can serve as both the norm and the minimum. You want more, add another netclass.


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