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Re: Net Classes



I need to get back to my day job now.

I mostly finished the NETCLASS support. Here are some open items for you to look into:

1) BOARD::Synchronize..() should omit netcode==0

2) New tracks, vias, and uvias should consult BOARD::m_NetClasses to pick their initial size. (I said I would do this, but ran out of time, sorry.) I think we should set the drill hole size at that time also. The notion of being able to change all the drill holes out to a different size later can be done some other way. It if far more difficult to establish unique drill holes than changing common ones.

3) implement code for the Move UP button on Design Rules Dialog, and make sure Default stays at top.

4) Disable the Remove button when user selects Default netclass in that dialog.

I remain committed to finishing off the specctra_export which I think may have a problem with VIAs for the non-default netclass. I will have to get back to that within the next couple of weeks.

But the rest of the code I am putting into the hands of the community. If you feel gracious maybe you can put in a copyright message for me.



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