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Re: Component library editor improvements.


jean-pierre.charras@... wrote:
> Wayne Stambaugh a écrit :
>> I just committed my latest round of component library editor
>> improvements and I wanted to get some input from the group before
>> starting on the next round of changes.
> I forgotten:
> Thanks for your work.
> Users do not seen always why code must be cleaned.
> But code cleaning is mandatory for the future of a software.

You are welcome. The reason I have been doing all of the code cleaning
is to update the component properties and pin properties dialog boxes
for the library editor. I originally started down that path and quickly
realized that the component library code need some love. Otherwise, the
dialog changes I was making would have been a maintenance nightmare and
I prefer to avoid that as much as possible.

Since the response to my suggestions about the component library file
changes have been positive, I will start working on that as part of my
next round of improvements.


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