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Re: Boost headers, again


Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
Dick Hollenbeck wrote:

jean-pierre charras - INPG wrote:

I agree.
I am currently using this on my computer (and removed the boost detection in the CmakeLists.txt file I copied the needed boost files in my working kicad devel directory. and use them. I did not cleanup the boost files, just copied the full subdirectories needed by the compilation, when a needed file was in a given sub directory
(these boost files use 12 Mo )

If you want, i can commit these files

Hold on, please take a quick look at this:


Don't know if this can be used, it might be more maintable, and make our repo smaller.

This seems like a much more elegant solution to me. I just checked and
Boost uses Subversion so it should work with too much problem. The URL
is http://svn.boost.org/svn/boost/trunk. I don't know what the issues
may be if we change our VCS. There has been some discussion about using
Lauchpad which uses Bazaar as it's VCS.


svn co http://svn.boost.org/svn/boost/tags/release/Boost_1_40_0/boost <targetDirectory>

would be a good candidate. Cuts out all the crap, installs only the headers, and uses the latest released version.

This is basically the URL I said 3 weeks ago. But now we have an elegant way to trigger the command.

I tested this method this morning.