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Re: regressions


jean-pierre charras - INPG wrote:
Dick Hollenbeck a écrit :

We are currently experiencing some regressions on usability.

The "zoom in" on library editor is erratic. Each step when I use my
middle mouse button is not always in the same direction. Some of these
mouse wheel rotations, although all in the same wheel direction, are
causing the zoom to go in the reverse direction. So mouse wheel
rotation is not working for me on library editor.

Also, my design rules dialog window looks like crap. The membership box
is not resized correctly now. Jean-Pierre, are you not seeing that this
dialog is broken?

I do not have any problem with this dialog (tested with wxWidgets 2.8.10 and 2.9.0).
(using Windows. I'll test it ASAP under UBUNTU 9.04)

I am using 2.8.9 of wxwidgets, 64 bit, and the right membership wxListCtrl in the net class dialog is not resizing properly as you stretch the window.

Nor is its initial size correct.