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Re: regressions


Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
Dick Hollenbeck wrote:

We are currently experiencing some regressions on usability.

The "zoom in" on library editor is erratic. Each step when I use my middle mouse button is not always in the same direction. Some of these mouse wheel rotations, although all in the same wheel direction, are causing the zoom to go in the reverse direction. So mouse wheel rotation is not working for me on library editor.


I have been doing a lot of work on the component library editor to try
to clean things up a bit. I have not observed this zoom problem. Would
you please let me know the library and component where you observed this
so I can duplicate what you are seeing. I have cleaned up the best zoom
code to do a better job calculating the ideal zoom for small components
such as logic gates and op-amps. This should not cause the problem you
are seeing. It is possible the the ideal zoom factor is so close to the
next zoom level that it appears that the zoom doesn't change. When you
observed this change, did you happen to notice the value of the zoom
setting in the status bar?



I changed my mouse and it is working OK. I think the middle mouse wheel was failing or something.