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Re: Re: Library work and project librarian?


Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
Mateusz wrote:

Could you tell me how this "tags" will be\are implemented in .lib files? Do you need a special tool to add key words, or can it be done via library editor?

When the component library editor saves a component library, two files
are created. The .lib file contains the information about how to draw
the components, default field values, aliases, etc. The .dcm file
contains documentation for each component and component aliases for a

I thought I remembered a discussion about removing the dcm files, or putting that info into the other file.

Am I imagining this discussion? I honestly cannot remember for sure, but I thought Jean-Pierre was OK with removing the dcm files. I think long term having to marry two files together may eventually get in our way and be cumbersome.

But I just want to make sure we are not making a decision by not making one.


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