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Re: Library work and project librarian?


> The key word (K) entry is what you would want to modify. You can edit
> the file by hand using your favorite text editor or you can use the
> component library editor in EESchema. It is not obvious in the
> component library editor how to edit the documentation for a component
> alias. You need to select the alias name from the alias list box on the
> toolbar then open the "Edit component properties" dialog to change the
> document strings. For what you are doing, it would probably be faster
> editing the .dcm file by hand.

It is the biggest problem of eeschema libedit -> most things can be done much faster in text editor ;)

If some of you think it is worth doing, I may try do write a simple GUI program in QT allowing fast move/delete and tagging operations on components in lib and dcm files.